We live in a digital world. Payments are made without handling cash, letters are sent without using paper, meetings are held without leaving home and over the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic we have learnt that a lot of care can be given without being touched.

The majority of care needs the personal touch, but COVID-19 brought about imaginative ways to provide healthcare through technology. We now offer remote testing, treatments via post, virtual consultations, remote therapy, the imagination has sparked new ways of working and new ways of care.

Over the years, technology has been used to bring people from afar, closer together. During the pandemic, technology was also used to keep people safe by keeping people apart and reducing the risks of infection whilst delivering care.

Our world is increasingly digital. Healthcare is evolving to embrace the digital world and take advantage of technologies to look after every citizen with innovative ways that provide safe care. As a result, technology is helping the health economy transform the way we deliver care.

Our digital mission is to ensure that information is collected digitally and made available in the right place, in the right hands, securely, accurately and timely, to enable the best possible care to be delivered.

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