Equality, Diversity, and Human Rights are enshrined in the NHS Constitution and are central to everything we do at our trust.

The trust embraces the NHS Constitution's commitment to treating our staff - our people - with dignity, fairness, and respect, to create a working environment that is supportive, inclusive, and offers personal, and professional growth. 

The need to support and develop compassionate and inclusive leadership, to engage and inspire our workforce, to proactively support wellbeing, to adopt innovative approaches to recruitment and retention, and to maintain a focus on our culture, remain critical to our success. We embrace the NHS People Plan and it is embedded in our People & Organisational Development Strategy.

The NHS Constitution is very clear: 'Everyone Counts' be they patients or staff.  This means the NHS needs to consider the outcomes that different people experience; taking different or extra steps to improve access and design services so that their health outcomes and experiences are equitable.  We will carry the values of integrating equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do to enable positive outcomes for everyone who comes in to contact with us.  More specifically, we will work in partnership so that people at all levels of our organisation conduct and plan their business to demonstrate due regard to eliminate unlawful discrimination; promote equal opportunity; and foster good relations within their organisation and beyond.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has four Staff Equality Networks that meet bi-monthly:

  • Race Equality
  • LGBT+ Equality
  • Disability & Long Term Conditions Equality
  • Neurodiversity Equality

We hold a quarterly 'Cultural Leadership Board'. The meeting is chaired by our Chief Executive, with representation including from the police, local authority and the prison service. The Board aims to provide an overview and scrutiny to diversity and inclusion performance as an Isle of Wight system.

Our People & Organisational Development Strategy will complement our wider workforce and clinical strategy and our inclusive culture is defined by our organisational vision and values.