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Antenatal Screening

At St Mary's, we offer the following antenatal screening:

  • Infectious Diseases - HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphillis
  • Sickle cell and thalassaemia
  • Combined Down's, Edward's and Patau's Syndrome screening
  • Down's Syndrome screening
  • Anomaly (physical abnormalities) scan
  • Gestational diabetes screening  

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When your screening tests will occur

During your initial booking appointment you will be offered the infectious diseases and sickle cell/thalassaemia screening. If you accept screening, a sample of blood will be taken, and you will also have your blood group and iron levels checked. Also at this appointment, your midwife will discuss with you the other screening tests that we offer.

The combined Down's, Edward's and Patau's syndrome screening will be offered again at your dating scan appointment, which is usually between 10-14 weeks gestation. This involves another blood sample, along with a measurement taken from the back of your baby's neck (combined with other factors), which will calculate a chance result of you having a baby with these conditions.

QUAD testing - this is only offered if you are too late for the combined test (between 14 weeks and 19+6 weeks gestation), and is only able to test for Down's syndrome.

Your baby's anomaly scan (20 week scan) will take place when you are between 19 and 20+6 weeks pregnant. This scan is where your baby is screened for any abnormalities.

For the latest version of the Public Health England booklet, Screening Tests for You and Your Baby, please click here.

If you require this booklet in a different language or in an easy to read format, please see the links to the right of this page.



Gestational Diabetes Screening (Glucose Tolerance Test or GTT)

The NICE guideline criteria for having the gestational diabetes screening test is as follows:

  • women who have had gestational diabetes previously
  • BMI >30
  • Maternal age - 40 years and above
  • Maternal first degree relative who has diabetes - i.e. sibling or a parent
  • Previous large baby over the 95th centile or 4.5kg birth weight
  • Non-white ethnicity

If you match one or more of these criteria, you will be offered the gestational diabetes screening. If accepted, this test is carried out between 26-28 weeks gestation. An early screening test will be offered at around 16 weeks gestation, if you have had gestational diabetes previously.

For further information regarding any of the screening tests that we offer, please contact our Antenatal Screening Co-ordinator on 01983 534332.

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