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Antenatal Ultrasound

Your 1st Trimester Scan (also known as a dating scan, 12 week scan or NT scan)

As soon as you have had your initial booking appointment with the midwife your notes will be brought into the maternity unit, where a dating scan appointment will be booked for around 12 weeks gestation. Unless this is required urgently, a letter will be sent to you in the post with the date and time of your scan.

Please allow about an hour for this appointment, as after your scan a midwife will need to talk to you about other appointments you may require, blood test results and screening tests.

See the link below for the full 1st Trimester Scan Fact Sheet and the No Children Allowed Fact Sheet.

Your anomaly scan (also known as your 20 week scan)

At your 1st trimester scan, an appointment will be made for your anomaly scan. This is usually booked between 19 weeks and 20+6 weeks gestation. During this scan, the sonographer will have a detailed look at your baby. This is part of the fetal anomaly screening programme (FASP). For more information about the anomaly screening programme click here.

Please note this scan is not a sexing scan. However, if you wish to know, please ask the sonographer to look, and if the gender is obvious they will tell you. This is be no means 100% accurate.


Growth Scans

The need for growth scans is usually identified at your initial 1st trimester scan. Criteria for these scans varies but includes having a previously small for dates baby, being a smoker or having a BMI above 35. These scans are usually held from 28 weeks, and every 2-3 weeks thereafter to keep an eye on the growth of your baby until delivery.

Growth scans can also be requested by your community midwife. If your fundal height measurement (the tummy measurement) is not consistent with previous measurements shown on your GROW chart, then your midwife will refer you to the sonographers. If you'd like to know more about the GROW programme, please see the link to the right of the page.

Presentation Scans

These may be requested by a midwife if they are unsure which way round your baby is on palpation i.e. cephalic (head down) or breech (bottom down).

Other scans

Our service also covers scans requested by the doctors e.g. dopplers (blood flow), cervical length and placental position.

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