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Harbour Team

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The Harbour Team is the community Midwifery team covering Newport, Cowes and areas between. 
Launched early 2021, the Harbour Team is the Isle of Wight's first Continuity of Carer team.

What is Continuity of Carer?
Research has shown that women want their care by a midwife they know. Continuity of carer means that you will be cared for by your midwife within a team of 8 midwives, who you will have the opportunity to meet throughout your pregnancy. The team will provide your care during labour and also the postnatal period.
Benefits of Continuity of Carer
Continuity of Carer has been proven to reduce complications such a preterm birth and still birth, as well as reducing the need for epidurals and episiotomies in labour. Both women and Midwives report greater sense of satisfaction from Continuity of Carer models of care.
Who will care for me?
You will meet your midwife at your booking appointment. They will be responsible for planning and overseeing your care. You will have a regular schedule of appointments with your midwife or a midwife from the team. You will have the opportunity to meet the team during antenatal classes, Q&A sessions and drop in sessions. In labour you are 7 times more likely to know the midwife who will be with you. After your baby is born, you will be visited at home by your midwife, or a midwife or maternity support worker from the team until we discharge you from maternity care.

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Meet the Midwives
The Harbour Team has eight Midwives. Christina, Amy, Theresa, Cheyrinne, Wallis, and Carly, who hold clinics in Newport; and Jolene and Rosie who hold clinics in Cowes. 

Maternity Support Workers

Our Maternity Support Workers work within all of our community teams to provide additional support.
If needed, during your pregnancy they may visit to assist you with learning essential baby care. After your baby is born, they can provide feeding support visits and will attend on day 5 to weigh your baby and perform the Newborn Blood Spot screening test. 

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