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We look after approximately 1,250 women having babies each year, and aim to provide a high quality service that puts women and their families at the centre of their care. Ensuring safety, whilst promoting birth as a unique and special occasion in each family.

We offer a choice of Midwifery Led Care for women with low risk pregnancies to have their babies at home or in hospital, or Consultant Led Care for women with underlying/pregnancy related health concerns, to have their babies in hospital.

In May 2014 we were awarded a certificate of commitment which is the first step towards us becoming Baby Friendly Accredited. Please click here to read more about this exciting initiative. 

Our Services

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Contact Us
In an emergency (for example heavy bleeding) dial 999)

    • Antenatal Clinic: 01983 534342
    • Day Assessment Unit: 01983 552516
    • Labour Ward: 01983 534334
    • Maternity Ward: 01983 534329 (24hr)
    • Maternity Co-ordinator: 01983 822099 ext 3210 (the co-ordinator can get in touch with your community midwife)

Professional Midwifery Advocate

A Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) can offer guidance and support about any aspect of your midwifery care. This includes:

  • giving you time, in a confidential and comfortable environment to discuss your plans for birth
  • providing advice and support about care options available to you, particularly if you choose care outside hospital guidelines
  • monitoring the ability and behaviour of your midwife to ensure that she meets the standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • following birth, listening to any concerns you may have about the care you received and then discussing these concerns with the midwife if appropriate. Discussing your birthing experience and explaining events.

Phone: 01983 822099 ext 3644 or ask your midwife for a PMA referral.

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 Visiting Times

Partners and the baby’s siblings  - 09:00-21:00

Other visitors 14:00-19:00 (limited to 2 per bed space please).

Birthing partners are also limited to 2.

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Information for Partner/Companion Staying Overnight

We have recently introduced partner/companion stays for our women. For further details, please click here.

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