Before having a blood test at St Mary’s Hospital

If you're coming for a blood test at St Mary’s Hospital, there are some things you should tell us.

For example, if you:

have had any problems with blood tests in the past, such as feeling faint

take medication that thins your blood, such as warfarin or aspirin.

Taking your blood sample

When you enter the blood room, a member of staff will check your forms. One blood test request may require several different small bottles of blood, but these can be taken from a single skin puncture.

After we take your blood sample, we cover the puncture with a dressing. Apply pressure to this for at least three minutes to reduce the risk of bruising, and keep the dressing on for one hour. Avoid heavy lifting with that arm for several hours.

Fasting blood tests, glucose tolerance tests and other special blood tests

If you are having a fasting blood test, the doctor will ask you not to eat or drink on the day of your blood test.

For a glucose tolerance test, you should not eat or drink anything except plain water for at least 12 hours before the test.

Please arrive at the blood testing clinic before 9.30am because this blood test takes two hours to perform. We will take a blood sample when you arrive and then ask you to drink a glucose drink, such as Lucozade. After the drink you need to wait for 2 hours, then we will take a second blood test. During this time you must not eat, drink or take any vigorous exercise.

After the blood sample has been taken, you may eat and drink as normal.

Blood tests at St Mary’s Hospital are now by appointment only 

The phlebotomy service (blood testing) on the Isle of Wight has changed. We no longer operate a walk in and wait system, appointments should be booked using our new online system or by calling our automated phone line.  

How to book your appointment


You will need to create an account using the link below before booking a blood test for the first time: 

Sign up for an account >>

Once you have an account, you can book an appointment using the following link: 

Book a blood test appointment >>

By telephone

Appointments can also be made by ringing the automated telephone service on 01983 210 927. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What happens if I need a test urgently?

Time will be set aside each day for emergency blood tests so patients will still be able to book a same day test.

GP requested blood tests 

If your GP or nurse wants you to have a blood test, please contact your practice to arrange or book an appointment. This includes GP requested blood tests such as:  

  • Routine 
  • Urgent  
  • Fasting 
  • Annual routine  

Sometimes your GP Practice may still need you to attend St Mary’s Hospital for your blood test, if so, please use the booking system. 

Hospital requested blood tests 

All blood tests that have been requested by any of our hospital medical staff will continue to take place at the Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital. This also includes any pre-assessment blood tests, blood tests ordered by a mainland hospital, and any blood tests requested by an independent sector provider other than your GP. 

Blood tests for children 

  • All blood tests for children aged 9 and under, will be done by the Paediatric Department at St Mary's Hospital. There is no need to use the new booking service to make this appointment, . 
  • Children aged between 10 and 12 should make an appointment to attend the Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic using the online booking system or automated phone service children can be added to the account of a parent or guardian. 
  • GP requested blood tests for children aged 12 or over can be carried out at the GP practice. Patients under the age of 16 may be asked by their GP to come to the hospital. All appointments should be made using the online booking system or automated phone service (children can be added to the account of a parent or guardian). 

 All hospital requested blood tests will be carried out at St Mary’s Hospital.

After your blood test

Most blood tests results will be sent to the requesting doctor or clinician 7-10 days after your blood test. Your doctor can obtain urgent results from the laboratory.

Contact us 

Our  Phlebotomy Reception is open from Monday to Friday at 7:40am to 4pm. 

Blood tests cannot be booked by our reception desk, and is for enquiries only.

The closest entrance to the phlebotomy department is the north hospital entrance and the closest car park is the north car park.